Structured Data Repositories...

ClassiDocs is the only Data Classification and Governance platform that provides both Classification AND GDPR eDiscovery capabilities for structured data.

Structured Data sets typically include databases themselves and databases stored as a file type (usually a mailbox file, Microsoft Access file, etc.).

ClassiDocs attaches to structured data sets in two fashions:
– Data(base/set) files stored on a filesystem (filesystem crawler will find these)
– Database attached to a network resource (your typical SQL-type database)

Our Filesystem Crawler will find and parse the below databases as flat files that are structured.  The classifiable data contained will be reported at a macro-level (how many classification hits and what types – overall database will be subject to one classification).

Our Database Connector infrastructure utilizes standard Microsoft-oriented Data Connector frameworks supported by ODBC and ADO.Net frameworks (explicitly defined below).  Our remote-connected Database Connector crawler will attach remotely and scan all datasets contained.  We will classify down to the tuple level – report on columns at a macro level, and the database at macro-level.

If you find a platform/database that is not explicitly listed below, please inquire – chances are we do but haven’t listed it yet!

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Database – Structured on File System
.4DD4th Dimension Database Data File
.ACCDBAccess 2007 Database File
.ADNAccess Blank Project Template
.MAWAccess Data Access Page
.ACCDEAccess Execute Only Database
.ADPAccess Project
.ADEAccess Project Extension
.ACCDRAccess Runtime Application
.MASAccess Stored Procedures
.MAVAccess View File
.ALFACT! Lookup File
.CATAdvanced Disk Catalog Database
.MDNBlank Access Database Template
.BTRBtrieve Database File
.DDLData Definition Language File
.DBDatabase File
.DBFDatabase File
.DSNDatabase Source Name File
.DBTDatabase Text File
.DP1DataPower Database File
.DB2dBASE II Database
.DXLDomino XML Language File
.UDBDynamics AX User Database File
.NNTEudora Address Book File
.XLDExcel Database File
.OQYExcel OLAP Query File
.DQYExcel Query File
.FMPSLFileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link
.FP3FileMaker Pro 3 Database
.FP5FileMaker Pro 5 Database
.FP7FileMaker Pro 7+ Database
.USRFileMaker Pro Database File
.FPTFileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.DBCFoxPro Database
.DCXFoxPro Database Index
.DCTFoxPro Database Memo
.SCXFoxPro Form
.GDBInterBase Database File
.JETJET Database File
.KDBKeypass Database File
.NS2Lotus Notes 2 Database
.NS3Lotus Notes 3 Database
.NS4Lotus Notes 4 Database
.NSFLotus Notes Database
.ACCFTMicrosoft Access Data Type Template
.MDBMicrosoft Access Database
.MDBHTMLMicrosoft Access Database HTML File
.ACCDWMicrosoft Access Database Link File
.ACCDTMicrosoft Access Database Template
.MAFMicrosoft Access Form
.MAQMicrosoft Access Query
.MARMicrosoft Access Report
.ACCDCMicrosoft Access Signed Package
.FDBMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File
.MPDMicrosoft Project Database
.UDLMicrosoft Universal Data Link File
.WDBMicrosoft Works Database
.SDBMonKey Office SQLite Database File
.NYFmyBase Database File
.MYDMySQL Database Data File
.FRMMySQL Database Format File
.MRGMySQL Merge File
.TMDMySQL Temporary Database File
.MWBMySQL Workbench Document
.ODBOpenDocument Database Base Database File
.^^^Pervasive.SQL Database File
.PDMPowerDesigner Database File
.QVDQlikView Data File
.RSDRealSQLDatabase File
.RBFRedatam Binary File
.SAS7BDATSAS Data Set File
.SDBServerBoss Database File
.SPQSPSS Database Query File
.SDFSQL Server Compact Database File
.DACPACSQL Server Data Tier Application Package
.MDFSQL Server Database File
.WRKSQL Server Log Shipping File
.NDFSQL Server Secondary Database File
.TRCSQL Server Trace File
.DBSSQLBase Database File
.SQLITE3SQLite 3 Database File
.SQLITEDBSQLite Database
.SQLITESQLite Database File
.DB3SQLite Database File
.DB-SHMSQLite Database Shared Memory File
.DB-WALSQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
.SQLStructured Query Language Data File
.TETextease CT Database File
.DBXVisual FoxPro Table
.VISVisual Importer Script
.FICWinDev Hyper File Database
.WMDBWindows Media Database File
.ABXWordPerfect Address Book

Database – Remote Attach – No Agent
We recommend your current ODBC/ADO connector if
possible, below is a list of examples supported via a partner

4D ODBC Driver4D Server
Accuracer ODBC Driver, Easytable ODBC DriverAccuracer, Easytable
Adabas SQL GatewayAdabas
Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server AnywhereAdaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server IQ
ANTs ODBC DriverANTs Database Server
Attunity Connect (server)Any ODBC compliant RDBMS
ODBC RouterAny ODBC compliant RDBMS
Biblioscape ODBC DriverBiblioscape Database
RDMi, RDMixBirdstep Raima Database Manager, RDM Embedded, Velocis, db_Vista
Birdstep RDM ODBC DriverBirdstep RDM Server
Connect for ODBC DriversBtrieve, Centura SQLBase, Clipper, DB2, dBASE, Excel, FoxPro, Informix, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive SQL, Progress, SQL Server, Text, Sybase
ConnectWareBtrieve, C-ISAM, CA-Realia, D-ISAM, Micro Focus files, mbp, VSAM
BASIS ODBC Driver, BBj Data ServerBusiness BASIC
Cach? ODBC Driver, Cach? ODBC ServerCach?, DSM, ISM
TopSpeed ODBCClarion TopSpeed databases
CodeBase SQLClipper, dBASE, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro
Easysoft Data AccessCODE, Firebird, Interbase, ISAM, Linc, Oracle, RMS, Sybase, System Z, Tetra
FairCom ODBC Driverc-tree Server, c-tree Plus
ODBC Client DriverD3 ODBC Server
DB/Text ODBC DriverDB/TextWorks databases
DB2 ConnectDB2 for OS/390, DB2 for MVS/ESA, DB2/400, DB2 for VSE and VM, DB2 UDB (UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 servers)
StarSQLDB2 for z/OS (OS/390), DB2/400, DB2/UDB
iSeries AccessDB2 UDB for iSeries
Universal Data Access Driver Suite for ODBCDB2, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Progress, Sybase
DBMaker JDBC-ODBC BridgeDBMaker
Empress ODBC driverEmpress
FileMaker Pro ODBC DriverFileMaker
Firebird ODBC DriverFirebird, Interbase
Firebird ODBC DriverFirebird/Interbase
Arbutus LegacyLinkFlat files, VSAM, IMS, DB2
FrontBase ODBC driverFrontBase
FUNDS ODBC InterfaceFUNDS System databases
HanDBase ODBC DriverHanDBase
SQL/R ODBCHP Eloquence databases
Informix Connect DriverIBM Informix OnLine Dynamic Server, SE
Interactive COBOL ODBC DriverICOBOL Server, COBOL files
jdeDirect ODBCJD Edwards World and OneWorld data
Matisse ODBC driverMatisse
NexusDB ODBC driverNexusDB
Objectivity ODBC DriverObjectivity/DB
Ocelot ODBC DriverOcelot SQL DBMS
OpenBase ODBC DriverOpenBase SQL
OpenEdge ODBC DriverOpenEdge RDBMS
OI32 Linear Hash ODBC DriverOpenInsight
Oracle ODBC Driver, Rdb ODBC DriverOracle, Rdb
Oterro ODBCOterro Engine, R:BASE
Btrieve, Pervasive SQL ODBC driverPervasive SQL
POWERflex ODBC DriverPFXplus, Dataflex
Polyhedra ODBC DriverPolyhedra RDBMS
PostgreSQL ODBC driverPostgreSQL
QODBC driver for QuickbooksQuickbooks
Linter SQL ODBC driverRDBMS Linter SQL
Recital ODBC DeveloperRecital, FoxPRO, clipper, dBase
ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, Microsoft SQL Server DriverSQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text, dBASE, Paradox, Access, FoxPro, Btrieve. DB2
ODBC Drivers for SQLBase, SQLHost/DB2SQLBase, DB2
Supra ODBC DriverSupra SQL
Teradata ODBC DriverTeradata
ThinkSQL ODBC driverThinkSQL DBMS
TimesTen ODBCTimesTen Server
UniAccess ODBC ServerUniAccess for OS 2200
OpenRDA ODBC, OpenAccess ODBC SDKUnix/OpenVMS ODBC driver for SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
ODBC Driver for Vision DataVision Data
RelativityVSAM, ISAM, Btrieve, RMS, Micro Focus COBOL files, RM/COBOL files
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