Live Classification

As part of our user-first design principals, we learned a few things.  A main item of note – users don’t like getting interrupted!

So, we were spitballing one day – since we have an addin on the Microsoft Office platform – why not do classification of information Live? Like, really live.  Pull classification policy regularly, scan the content the user is working on without bogging down the system, and like, classify it!

So we did.  Remember ‘Clippy’ from old Microsoft fame?  Well, he didn’t do so well, but the concept had some value.  Be in line with the user experience, allow him to be dispensed with when you are done with him and have him tell you stuff!

Well, we cleaned it up a bit, made the process less annoying of course – and allow your administrator full control over the experience (Silently classify live, only popup when something changes, don’t do it more than once per session, etc.) – lots of options, lots of opportunities to tailor this to your users..

You see a theme here – make it easy, simple and maybe even pleasant for your users!

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