Data Classification, Governance & GDPR Compliance

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DATA443 = http(s) - http = ssl = port 443 > Thus Data(secure)

Data443 Risk Mitigation is a technology company specializing in all things data security.

Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. was formed in December 2017 to identify whitespace existing in the security offerings of competitors and fill those gaps with self-developed and/or acquired technologies to offer to the market. 

To that end, the company has a growing research and development team and an active acquisitions and financing team, both of which act quickly on targeting opportunities to quickly bring solutions to market. Our primary focus is on current and next generation cyber security product offerings for cloud and on-premise consumption.

Items we consider to be table stakes for upcoming product and services (APIs, containerization, blockchains, threat sharing, live forensics) are all integral to our solution-development plans.

“The new company name and branding represents the central focus of the organization: data security and risk mitigation technologies and solutions.”

Jason Remillard, Data443 Risk Mitigation Founder and CEO

We are immediately engaging on our rebranding, funding and acquisitions plan. Our strategy is to grow our market presence and capabilities for customers via product development and product/company acquisitions. GDPR and existing cyber threats are creating an incredible opportunity for solution providers to demonstrate capabilities that enable businesses to function in this increasingly hostile environment

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