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User-Enabled, Governance-Enabled, Up-to-Date Security for Every Data Point, Every Time™

Your Data

Inventory, Identify,
Gain Control


Automated, ongoing,
up-to-date classification across all data points,
at rest and in flight.
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Protect Your

Award-Winning and Easy to Use Data Loss Prevention Solution

Data443 Protect™

Our out-of-the-box, cross-platform solution solves compliance, data loss, and total cost of ownership concerns.
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Secure Your Data

Enterprise Cloud-Based Data Storage, Protection & Workflow Automation Platform


Leading Board Portal Management Software and more!
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Be Compliant

Simple Data Privacy Management,
Compliance Done

Privacy Manager

Data made complete, available, and usable for quick, easy response to GDPR, CCPA or other privacy compliance regulations.
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Data443’s ARALOC™ provides end-to-end content distribution, management and security. ARALOC™ streamlines and automates the entire flow of document publishing, distribution, end-user consumption, and sign-off, while providing tracking and analytics in one seamless business process.

Data443’s ARALOC™ Platform Provides Cloud-Based Data Storage, Protection & Workflow Automation

• Multi-Platform
• Rich Media Support
• Multi-Board Support
•Digital Rights Management
• Supports company owned and BYOD devices
• Intuitive Note-Taking
• Multilingual Portal
• 256-bit AES encryption technology

• Secure offline viewing
• Meeting Archives
• Automated content synchronization
• Extensive content tracking & reporting analytics
• 24/7 Access
• Advanced Messaging and Collaboration
• Remote wipe of confidential content from any device

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Data443’s ClassiDocs™ delivers comprehensive data classification, governance, discovery, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance within one comprehensive, data security platform, making it truly powerful, yet cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Data443’s ClassiDocs™ Makes GDPR Compliance Easy, Fast, and Cost-Effective

  • Classify, Govern, and Discover Across Local Devices / Network
    / Cloud / Databases / at rest /in flight
  • Speed Ease-of-Use and Compliance-Policy Conformance without Training
  • Respond Out-of-the-Box to 12 GDPR Articles
  • Support over 200 File Types/400 Databases
  • Integrate with DLP/CASB/SIEM/Cloud Solutions
  • One Solution, One Vendor, No Fear

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