Data443 Cyber Security, Blockchain, GDPR, Data Classification, Identity Governance

User-Enabled, Governance-Enabled, Up-to-Date Security for Every Data Point, Every Time™

Your Data

Inventory, Identify,
Gain Control

Classify your data

Automated, ongoing,
up-to-date classification across all data points,
at rest and in flight.
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Secure Your Data

Mitigate Risk,
Ensure Effective Response

Your Data

Data classification that integrates with DLP, CASB, SIEM, and cloud solutions to fortify security.
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Govern Your Data

Data Ready,
Compliance Done

Govern your data

Data made complete, available, and usable for quick, easy response to GDPR or other compliance regulations.
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Enable Your

Empower Agile Response, Return Focus to Your Business

enable your business

Engage employee ownership over data security with an easy-to-use, user-centric interface.
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Jason Remillard, President of DATA443 talks with Proactive Investors at Micro Cap NYC

Data443 Risk Mitigation's tech allows Facebook users to find own personal data on accounts.

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Data443’s ClassiDocs™ delivers comprehensive data classification, governance, discovery, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance within one comprehensive, data security platform, making it truly powerful, yet cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Data443’s ClassiDocs™ Makes GDPR Compliance Easy, Fast, and Cost-Effective

  • Classify, Govern, and Discover Across Local Devices / Network
    / Cloud / Databases / at rest /in flight
  • Speed Ease-of-Use and Compliance-Policy Conformance without Training
  • Respond Out-of-the-Box to 12 GDPR Articles
  • Support over 200 File Types/400 Databases
  • Integrate with DLP/CASB/SIEM/Cloud Solutions
  • One Solution, One Vendor, No Fear

Finalist for Infosec Award 2018

Winner of 3 - 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

Now is the time to take a different approach to GDPR Compliance:

No Fear

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Schedule a demo today to learn how Data443 can keep your organization on the right side of GDPR.