Users Matter - Big Time!

Our number one priority in all of our design scenarios, customer usability analysis (yes, we actually did this), user tracking (eyeballs, mouse tracking) and most importantly – user adoption! – was our focus on the End User Experience.

As you know, and as you can see everywhere – almost all security products have a very low usability quotient.  In fact, we would say in most cases the experience is downright hostile!

How can you expect your users to be ‘part of the team’ when the tools they are given – make no sense, interrupt them constantly, don’t even do basic ‘computing’, and actually make you re-enter the same data you just did – 4 minutes ago?

So, we took a different approach.  Using a Persona Based design approach (standard product development approach for those that actually care!) – we developed persona’s for our inscope user base.  Then we actually interviewed them!  The shock, the horror – we spoke to users!  Over 300 of them so far, more to come!

We learned a lot from our conversations.  We learned that many end users are afraid of ‘breaking their computers’.  We learned that when something new ‘pops up’ – they immediately suspect a virus or something worse.  We learned that most do not customize their machines – not even their desktop images!

So, what does that mean for a security product?  PLENTY.

You can’t expect users to contribute to your enterprise security posture if they can’t understand the tools.

You can’t expect users to adopt a tool if they need to have a special training session.

Why ask your users to ‘compute’ for you – when they are sitting in front of a computer?

Why ask them to repeat the same )@#($)@#($ thing – they just entered 4 minutes ago on the last save.

Why do they have to stop and think – just to save a document?

When there is a change – why aren’t they helped through the process?

The list goes on..  We were angry – but we wrote Classidocs – so now we’re not.

Fundamentally, the user experience is our number one priority in all functions of our product stack.  We balance that with the needs of the business, and the operators.  We offer much flexibility on when things happen, how things happen and just as importantly – allow you to communicate your corporate brand and ongoing information simply updated from one location – no software push, no change records, no user retraining.

We believe that software should be self-explanatory, require close to no ‘training’ and be efficient with everyone’s’ time – not just the Admins.  We hope you enjoy it.

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