Who owns the data?

So, consider who owns the data in your organization?  Certainly, its not IT.  Not management – well they are responsible for it – but honestly, rarely know what is in that 3TB Sharepoint site they inherited ownership of 3 years ago.

No, its usually the data creator.  The Data Owner.  The Data Steward.  The folks that interact with the data on a regular basis.

THEY know what it is, what it should be – and most importantly – how to apply the data classification policy to the data itself.

So, we empowered them.  Not only on a regular basis may data users, creators and owners classify documents according to their own knowledge of the data set – but they can also communicate BACK to the Classification Owners about why a classification auto calculated is incorrect, could be better or should be different in some way.

As part of our user-first approach – we felt it important that a data classifier can communicate back when something is amiss – a totally optional setting of course – but we felt it was super important to enable the user to tell IT, the governance team, the policy team – how the policy can be better.

So we did..  Every classification interaction enables the user to communicate back – a first!

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