Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.

Morrisville, NC 27560

You can learn a new tech quickly with little coaching.

You play with tech ‘for fun’, but have a life outside of tech as well.

You are HUGELY customer centric – thrive off of communicating a message and vision.

You have experience ‘AS A CUSTOMER’ – you have deployed tech, dealt with change records, architecture, security requirements and procurement ‘challenges’

You can run a webinar, do many demos a day, churn out blog posts and learning guides in your sleep!

In other worlds – this may be considered a ‘Systems Engeineer’ role – but for us – its different.

We have a bigger vision than a single product. We are (b)leading edge technology in most cases.

In all cases – we are fitting into the white space that infosec specialists, CISO, CSO’s and other folks need.

The role, function and ‘job’ is highly variable, subject to change, and is highly dynamic and diverse. We don’t expect alot of travel at this time – but heavy, heavy webinars, demos and content creation. We prefer more soft skills – able to communicate a vision to all levels of an organization, fit a solution to their requirements, previous sales and marketing experience – compared to a pure ‘speeds n feeds’ approach.

We love Geeks and Nerds – but you have a customer-centric and teamwork oriented approach!

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