A Single Pane of Glass

Single Pane of Glass | ClassiDocs Unstructured Data Classification

Of course you have heard this before…

The truth is – there is no such magical thing in your organization.  In some cases, millions have been spent trying to build one, years of hard work trying to build an ‘uber panel‘.

We won’t profess to be anything more than we are – a centralized command panel that controls our infrastructure – quickly, easily and fully.

Want to change a config for all distributed agents?  One tick, save.

Want to see all files associated with a specific classification?  Reports Panel.

Want to update all end user panels with a new corporate video?  Update HTML, Save.

Want to integrate the platform with your IAM/IAG platform?  We have RESTful for that.

All in all – Full Enterprise, Up to Date & Reliable Classification is our deliverable.

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